Mannou: Manga Downloader

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Mannou is a manga downloader for various sites. It can be used as library or command line application.


Please remember this project still under development and created by a new programmer.

Mannou In Action

Download your favorite manga via command line:

$ mannou --download --start 2 --end 3

This command will download a manga called Aiura from chapter 2 to 3 and save it in ~/Manga/Aiura.

You can also use Mannou as library:

>>> import mannou
>>> url = ''
>>> manga = mannou.get(url)
>>> str(manga) # or manga.title
>>> manga[0] # or manga.chapters[0]
Chapter(number='1', url='')
>>> images = manga.get_chapter_images(manga[0].url)
>>> images[0]
Image(name='1.jpg', url='')
>>>, start=1, end=5) # Download every chapters 1 until 5 in 'Aiura' and save it to default location (~/Manga or %USERPROFILE%\Manga)


  • Get manga info in-depth (using Anilist API)
  • Download some or all chapters in certain manga

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